Rubinet Group



Graduate Students

Current and Past Visitors

Professor Kai-Ten Feng, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (2009-2010)

Professor Jinoo Joung, Sangmyung University, Korea (2011-2013)

Professor Xiong Wang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), China (2013-14)


Doctoral Students

Graduation Celebration, 2007
Group Dinner, 2003
Rafting on the American River, 2003
Stinson Beach Hike, 2004

Ram Keralapura (PhD, 2007)
Dissertation title: Characterizing Internet Routing Dynamics for Enhanced Network Management
Current position: Awake Networks, CA

Danjue Li (PhD, 2007)
(co-advised with Prof. Yoo)
Dissertation title: Hybrid Infrastructure/P2P Approach to Optimize the Performance of Multimedia Streaming over Heterogeneous Networks
Current position: Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems, CA

Jason LeBrun (PhD, 2008)
Dissertation title: Opportunistic Networking:
Measurement and Implementation
Current position: Senior Software Development Engineer, Yahoo, CA

Lihua Yuan (PhD, 2008)
(co-advised with Prof. Mohapatra)
Dissertation title: Towards Network Verification and Introspection
Current position: Research Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, WA

Jianning Mai (PhD, 2008)
Dissertation title: Sampling Network Traffic for Anomaly Detection
Current position: Patent Agent at Fenwick & West LLP, CA

Behrooz Khorashadi (PhD, 2009)
(co-advised with Prof. Ghosal and Prof. Zhang)
Dissertation title: Enabling Traffic Control and Data Dissemination Applications with VGrid - A Vehicular Ad Hoc Distributed Computing Framework
Current position: Software Engineer at Google, CA

(Leo) Xin Liu (PhD, 2010)
Dissertation title: Multimedia Delivery in Cooperative Multi-homed Wireless Networks
Current position: Member of Technical Staff at PLUMgrid, CA

Haiping Liu (PhD, 2010)
(co-advised with Prof. Ghosal and Prof. Liu)
Dissertation title: Efficient Resource Allocation and Network Design in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Current position: Project Manager at China Mobile, China

Dhruv Gupta (PhD, 2010)
(co-advised with Prof. Mohapatra)
Dissertation title: Managing 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks: A Measurement-based Approach
Current position: Senior Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs, CA

Saqib Raza (PhD, 2010)
Dissertation Title: Synergistic Network Operations
Current position: Software Engineer at Cisco Systems, CA

(Fred) Bojin Liu (PhD, 2011)
(co-advised with Prof. Ghosal and Prof. Zhang)
Dissertation Title: Next Generation Vehicular Traffic Management Enabled by Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Cellular Mobile Devices
Current position: Senior Engineer at Qualcomm, Inc., CA

Guanyao Huang (PhD, 2012)
Dissertation Title: Scalable and Flexible Network-wide Traffic Measurement
Current position: Engineer at Cisco Systems, CA

Atif Nazir (PhD, 2012)
Dissertation Title: Measuring and Modeling User Activities on Online Social Network-based Applications
Current position: CEO, Block.IO, Inc.

Faisal Khan (PhD, 2012)
(co-advised with Prof. Ghiasi)
Dissertation Title: Programmable and Closed-Loop Traffic Measurements for Better Accountability and Security in Future Networks
Current position: Senior Design Engineer, Altera Corporation, CA

Han Liu (PhD, 2014)
Dissertation Title: Measuring and Modeling the Cascades/Diffusions through Online Social Networks
Current position: Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard, CA

George Chao-Chi Chen (PhD, 2014)
Dissertation Title: Practical Management as a Service (MaaS) Substrate for Data Center Network
Current position: Research Software Development Engineer, Microsoft, WA

Mohammad Rezaur Rahman (PhD, 2015)
Dissertation Title: Characterizing and Predicting Information Diffusion through Social Interactions
Current position: Engineer, Cisco Systems, CA

Mehdi Malboubi (PhD, 2015)
Dissertation Title: Software Defined Network Measurement and Inference under Hard Resource COntraints
Current position: Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T, CA

MS Students

Christopher Carde (MS, 2004), Google Germany

Peng Cheng (MS, 2004), Cisco Systems, CA

Howard Chang (MS, 2004), Fresco Logic, CA
(co-advised with Prof. Ghosal)

Chris Dana (MS, 2005), Boeing, CA

Andrew Chen (MS, 2007), Intel-Folsom, CA

Jonathan Wagoner (MS, 2008), Enphase Energy, CA

Ferhat Dikbiyik (MS, 2009), Assistant Professor at Sakarya University, Turkey

Collin Smith (MS, 2009), Sierra Nevada Corporation, CA

Yuanbo Zhu (MS, 2010), Google, CA

Brian Estrada (MS, 2010)

Ali Shahrokhi (MS, 2012), SmartBites, CA

Kristen Kennedy (MS, 2013)

Liyuan Wang (MS, 2013), IBM, CA

Kashyap Thimmaraju (MS, 2015), TU Berlin, Germany

Shu Ming Peng (MS, 2015), Verizon, CA

Yiwei (Sally) Sun (MS, 2015), Cisco, CA

Theo Pan (MS, 2015), Microsoft, WA

Lingxuan Li (MS, 2015)

Zejun Huang (MS, 2015), Adobe, CA

Jingyu Zhang (MS, 2016), Amazon, WA

Undergraduate Students

  • Summer 03: Patrick Satarzadeh, Tuan Nguyen
  • Summer 04: Adam Moerschell, Kevin Widjaja
  • Winter 05: Barkev Iskikian, Michael Pignati, Sina Wilson
  • Spring 06: Andrew Stromberg, Michael Siegenthaler
  • Spring 07: George Chen
  • Spring 08: Sean Lee
  • Summer 10: Yachao Dong and Juchuan Ma (UC Davis GREAT Program)
  • Spring 12: Cuong Vu
  • Summer 12: Chuankai An (UC Davis GREAT Program)
  • Winter 13 - Fall 14: Joshua Garrison
  • Spring 13: Shawn Shojaie
  • Summer 13: Yumo Rong and Shiliang Tang (UC Davis GREAT Program)
  • Fall 13 - Spring 14: Joshua Vaughen
  • Spring 14: Ryan Marquiss
  • Summer 14: Lidan Mu
  • Summer-Fall 14: Qijia Cao and Chingyeung Fang
  • Spring 15: Jiaming Xie
  • Spring 16: Hasith Rajakarunanay